Oil Change

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We have some good news. Changing oil is a rather straightforward procedure. For 530i and 540i


  1. Run the car for five minutes to warm up the oil
  2. Jack up the car, install jack stands
  3. Get drain pan and position it under the drain bolt located on passenger side of the oil pan
  4. Slowly unscrew the drain bolt and let the oil drain into the pan
  5. Unscrew the oil filter housing (this will relieve the system pressure allowing oil to flow out at a greater force)
  6. Remove the filter and gasket from the oil filter cover (round rubber strip)
  7. After 5-10 minutes as oil starts to drip, jack down the car and jack up the rear of the car to get all of the oil out
  8. Go back and jack the front up, secure with jack stands
  9. Use new washer for oil pan bolt and tighten it. You may lower the car now.
  10. Open engine oil cover and pour 8 US QT of oil of your choice, close the oil cover.
  11. Install new filter (coat it in oil) and replace rubber gasket in the cover and just put it on top then tighten the cover
  12. Start the car and let it warm up, inspect oil pan/filter housing for leaks before driving

Oil Chart[edit]



Cold: 5W-30 Mild: 10W-30 Warm / Hot: 15W-50

Torque Specifications[edit]

  • M22 bolt for oil pan: 60 nm (44 ft-lb)
  • Oil filter housing cover: 25 nm (18 ft-lb)

Synthetic .vs Conventional[edit]

There is much debate on this subject. If your engine is old and worn, try running thicker synthetic oil before trying conventional. The Synthetic oil is superior when it comes to lubrication and friction protection.

Brand .vs Certifications[edit]

File:Oil Aint Oil.pdf


You can perform an engine flush by pouring 1/4 can of Seafoam straight into the oil. Idle your car for about five minutes, then give it a couple of short 1,000-3000 RPM revs. Shut the car off and let it soak for a ten minutes before changing the oil.